Challenge:  Flight Simulation
Judge:  Ric
Start:  September 7th, 2007
End:  September 21st, 2007

Author Comment Code
RiiDiiA more traditional flight sim, in 3d from a cockpit view. Was the most realistic entry, due in part to the huge landscape which made use of the advanced terrain commands, and some physics which meant, unlike the other entries, you actually needed to gain some speed before taking off. The controls seemed a bit slow - but I guess you were going for more of a 747 than F18 feel! Would have been good to have a runway and the possibility to crash if you missed it or hit it too heavily. Also had some cockpit instruments.- view -
DiggseyA 3d dogfight with a cartoon style. Had lots of game elements, including 3d models, sound (good to see you got that working again), collision, artificial intelligence, and some cool explosion effects - all of which, when put together, made a playable game.- view -
Virtual Nomadn unexpected interpratation of a flight sim - it was either a bird or a Leonardo da Vinci flying machine - either way, you had to flap your wings to gain altitude, and could then glide back down again. Interesting entry with potential.- view -
Mr Kohlenstoff 2d flying game, using just line graphics, which gave it a nice retro look. I liked the bi-plane drawing, and the entry was very neatly coded. It had an objective, which involved flying through hoops and avoiding the ground - and it seemed to get harder as you progressed. Quite playable, too.- view -