Challenge:  Muzzle Flare
Judge:  Latch
Start:  March 6th, 2008
End:  March 23rd, 2008
Details: Entries were allowed to use external images and 3D models. You will need to look on the forum for those entries, but Tone3e was declared winner. 

Author Comment Code
Tone3eYour original entry worked fine except the object for the muzzle flare was a little strange looking. Using a couple of suggestions, you definately made improvements and incorporated a nice recoil to the gun. It would've been great if you had figured out how to add in the discarded shells!- view -
Link102Nice looking minigun (in 32 bit resolution especially) and you're getting first person camera movement down to a science it seems. However, there was no shooting of the gun, no flare, no animation. It's a cool model, but the entry doesn't meet the criteria of the challenge.- view -