Challenge:  Social AI
Judge:  OBese87
Start:  February 19th, 2008
End:  February 26th, 2008
Details: Make a group of computer controlled entities that interact with either each other or the player. There must be at least two independent entities. 

Author Comment Code
LatchA very well rounded program. I enjoyed watching blue walk calmly while red raced around him. Nice animations too.- view -
Dark DragonI liked the quirky personalities of your green cubes, a good example of how simple it is to give a program character. Although you had almost no indentation, your code was well structured.- view -
Link102Your 3D entry was looking promising but was never completed. The top-down shooter was quite fun but really hard! Needed some work to fix a few bugs.- view -
Tone3eGood use of gosubs and nice rolling spheres but you didn't seem to get round to programming the AI which is a shame.- view -
Zombie 20Looks like your flu got the better of you in the end- view -