`====INH's Golf course====
ink rgb(250,250,250),1
center text 320,220,"Welcome to INH's Golf Course."
center text 320,240,"White balls represent holes."
center text 320,260,"Press any key to start."
suspend for key
ink rgb(0,60,0),1
box 0,0,250,250
get image 1,0,0,250,250
make matrix 1,1000,1000,11,11
prepare matrix texture 1,1,2,2
fill matrix 1,0.0,1
for x=0 to 10
for y=0 to 10
if rnd(2)=0 then set matrix tile 1,x,y,2
set matrix tile 1,0,y,3
set matrix tile 1,10,y,3
set matrix tile 1,x,0,3
set matrix tile 1,x,10,3
set matrix tile 1,x,5,4
set matrix tile 1,x,5,4
next y
next x
update matrix 1
position matrix 1,-500,5,-150
make object cube 2,50
color backdrop rgb(100,100,250)
make object cube 3,50
make object cube 4,50
make object cube 5,50
make object cube 6,50
position object 2,x,y-25,z-50
position object 3,x,y-25,z-2
position object 4,x,y-25,z+48
position object 5,x,y-25,z+96
position object 6,x,y-25,z+140
color object 2,rgb(100,80,50)
color object 3,rgb(100,80,50)
color object 4,rgb(100,80,50)
color object 5,rgb(100,80,50)
color object 6,rgb(100,80,50)
make object cylinder 1,90
position object 1,x,y-45,z+200
color object 1,rgb(100,80,50)
position camera x1,y+20,z1
make object sphere 7,5
make object cube 8,50
position object 8,x+50,y-25.1,z+205
color object 8,rgb(100,80,50)
make object cube 9,50
position object 9,x+75,y-25.1,z+215.5
yrotate object 9,45
color object 9,rgb(100,80,50)
position object 7,x,y,z+205
make object cone 10,50
position object 10,x+115,y-10,z+248
zrotate object 10,90
yrotate object 10,140
color object 10,rgb(0,0,0)
make object cone 11,50
position object 11,x+130,y-10,z+238
zrotate object 11,90
yrotate object 11,60
color object 11,rgb(0,0,0)
make object cube 12,50
position object 12,x+145,y-25.1,z+205
color object 12,rgb(100,80,50)
make object cube 13,50
position object 13,x+145,y-25.1,z+176
xrotate object 13,45
color object 13,rgb(100,80,50)
make object sphere 14,5
position object 14,x+145,y-1,z+205
make object cube 15,50
position object 15,x+145,y-25.1,z+156
color object 15,rgb(100,80,50)
make object cube 16,50
position object 16,x+145,y-25.1,z+106
color object 16,rgb(100,80,50)
make object sphere 17,5
position object 17,x+145,y-1,z+106
position camera x1,y+20,z1
if upkey()=1 then z1=z1+10 : position camera x1,y+20,z1 : fhm=fhm+1
if downkey()=1 then z1=z1-10 : position camera x1,y+20,z1 : fhm=fhm-1
if leftkey()=1 then x1=x1-10 : position camera x1,y+20,z1 : lhm=lhm-1
if rightkey()=1 then x1=x1+10 : position camera x1,y+20,z1 : lhm=lhm+1
if fhm<0 then z1=z1+10 : position camera x1,y+20,z1 : fhm=0
if fhm>17 then z1=z1-10 : position camera x1,y+20,z1 : fhm=17
if lhm<0 then lhm=0 : x1=x1+10 : position camera x1,y+20,z1
if lhm>20 then lhm=20 : x1=x1-10 : position camera x1,y+20,z1