Last 10 additions
  1. Gamespace (AGK) - Example of how to submit and retrieve scores using the online GameSpace system.
  2. Memblock drawing functions (DBP) - A set of anti-aliased drawing routines that write directly to an image memblock. This is useful for creating custom graphics while preserving background transparency.

    The box and circle commands can draw either an outline or filled-in. The circle has a radial gradient function.

    makeMemblockImage(memblock_num, width, height, fill_color)
    mem_circle(memblock_num, centerX, centerY, radius, color, fill, preseveBackground)
    mem_circle_gradient_radial(memblock_num, centerX, centerY, radius, innerColor, outerColor, gradient_centerX, gradient_centerY, gradient_radius, preseveBackground)
    mem_rounded_box(memblock_num, x1, y1, x2, y2, radius, color, fill, preseveBackground)
    mem_line(memblock_num, x1, y1, x2, y2, color, preseveBackground)
    mem_box(memblock_num, x1, y1, x2, y2, color, fill, preseveBackground)

    The preserveBackground option does just what it says. If turned off, the drawing routine will overwrite any pixel data currently in its pixels' positions. If turned on, it will use a form of alpha compositing to blend the drawing operation on top of any current data. It has a few quirks here and there, but works well in most situations.
  3. Angle between vectors (DBP) - Retrieves the angle between two 2D vectors
  4. Sprite Clipping (DBP) - Clips the view of a sprite by resizing it and altering its UV texture coordinates.
  5. Base64 Encoder-Decoder (AGK) - A base64 encoder and decoder.
  6. Draw Text (AGK) - Somtimes you just want to output some data to the screen in a specific area, but print() doesn't allow you position it and the other default text commands require you create an object for every line of text and requires you to manually update that object if you're outputting say a variable that changes during main loop. This is a quick fix to those problems.
  7. Last Key Press (AGK) - getRawLastKey() only return the last key to be pressed, even after it's been released. This snippet will track multiple keys so that getLastKeyPress() will return whichever key is currently still pressed. So if you press multiple keys then release one, it'll return the last key that's still pressed down, where the AGK version could still return the number of the key you've already released.
  8. HTTP retrieve page (AGK) - Example shows how to retrieve the html code/response from an HTTP url.
  9. Vector Library (AGK) - A library of 2D and 3D vector commands.
  10. spinning coins (DBP) - Demo of rotating coins dropping from the sky

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