Laser Demo
Originally written in DBC, this DBP version is more efficient. This small tech demo was inspired by Nvidia's lightning demo for the GeForce2 card. Use the mouse button to turn on the laser and blast the metallic plate, leaving a scorched trail behind.

Download 3.35MB

Flag Demo
Chapter 17 of "Physics for Game Developers" explains how to simulate cloth by using a collection of particles and springs. The code in the book was written in C++ and simulates the movement of a flag in the wind attached to a pole. All I've done here is port the code to DarkBasic. The download includes the executable, flag texture image, source code, and dkshop.dll. The dkshop.dll is a library created by Dmitry which allows DBP to access vertex data of 3D models, a vital component in making cloth simulation pratical in applications. You can view details of Dmitry's plugin here: Dmitry's DKShop

- Use 'A' and 'Z' keys to adjust the strength of the wind
- Press the spacebar to disconnect the attached points and watch the flag float away

Download 3.36MB