Participant:  Daemon
# Entries:  10
# Victories:  3

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
Cursor Effectreminds me of etch-a-sketch! nice sinusoidal movement no- view -
Ecosystem Simulation2D land map with some water, and small colored squares for the different species. A great entry, there was something different to watch every time you ran it.  no- view -
Island Terrain yes- view -
Math Challenge no- view -
Overhead ShooterYour game was good and complete, I liked the obstacles, and the game was beatable. Two improvements would be the AI which was extremely basic and very difficult, and timer based movement as the game went extremely fast towards the end when you had eliminated most of the boxes. yes- view -
Random Maze Generator no- view -
Shooting GameGood level editor, and I liked the rolling cubes, but it needed a way to win/lose. no- view -
Tic Tac Toe no- view -
Top-down RacerEven though I didn't get to see the AI in action, the multiple tracks, textures, sound, speedometer, boost and general feel of the car were great. Well done. yes- view -
Transition Effect no- view -