Participant:  Diggsey
# Entries:  7
# Victories:  3

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D Collision GameEspecially good for an early entry. The different modes made it interesting. I liked being able to move the screen with the right mouse click. yes- view -
ASCII Game no- view -
Chat Bot no- view -
Cursor Effectnice swinging balls, though the sine adjustment of the mouse could get a little frustrating no- view -
Flight SimulationA 3d dogfight with a cartoon style. Had lots of game elements, including 3d models, sound (good to see you got that working again), collision, artificial intelligence, and some cool explosion effects - all of which, when put together, made a playable game. yes- view -
Mouse Gesture Recognition yes- view -
Transition Effect no- view -