Participant:  Irojo
# Entries:  8
# Victories:  3

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
Doodle ChallengeHe made several versions but I'm counting them as one because they were all basically the same but with differnet attributes. The program drew random lines and ovals onto the screen which were randomly shaking as they were drawn. There was also a coloured version, a version were it was all drawn intantly instead of waiting for it all to be drawn as you watched, and a version were you could view multiple doodles. The overall outcome was nice and random and the different version were nice. However, the lines and ovals were not connected and so it didn't look as 'human like' as it could have. no- view -
Flinging Physics Game no- view -
Hi-Score It was, as said, "flashy." The animation at the beginning where the top 3 (or is it the top 2?) are shown. The only problem was that when all highscores were shown, they were crammed and hard to read. no- view -
Opaque ShapeVery cosmic colours going on here, I liked how the triangle changed proportions.  yes- view -
Physics Systemjumping man no- view -
Scrolling MatrixNot really what the challenge was about. Looks like a variation of your radar code. Not bad. no- view -
What can you do with a spiral?game was pretty fun once you get the hang of it and has quite a lot of inspiration. yes- view -
Widget CollectionVery nice animations and use of graphical commands. I really liked the ninja game because it was challenging but fun, and also quite addictive. Although the jumping wasn't quite right, sometimes you could do triple and even quadruple jumps, and other times you could only do single jumps. The drawing program was quite hard to use with the user having to remember all the keys to press. However, once you got going, there was quite a lot you could do, such as 2D and 3D drawing, and a random art splatter effect. The tools menu had only one working button, and that was the binary translator. It was fun seeing what you name was in binary, and it also automatically copied it to the clipboard, although it didn't tell you that it was doing that. You could also switch between fullscreen and windowed mode.  yes- view -