Participant:  Latch
# Entries:  37
# Victories:  10

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
3D Text yes- view -
Boat PhysicsMatrix Oscillation (dots) yes- view -
Boat PhysicsMatrix Oscillation (lines) no- view -
Brain ChallengeNice idea that was really quite addictive. I liked the 'traffic light' effect, although the rest wasn't as pretty no- view -
Chase and Evade AIGreat example of chasing and evading. I liked the inclusion of the walking animation and the text. no- view -
ClockMatrix Clock yes- view -
ClockClock Sapien no- view -
ClockBouncing Clock v.2 no- view -
ClockBouncing Clock v.1 no- view -
Continuous side scrollerRun with blitflipmode flag in setup.ini switched to 0 and runs at 115fps. Running with blitflipmode set to 1 and 730fps. yes- view -
Doodle ChallengeVer.3 - Once again, a nice concept, but it was a bit too robotic and not random and 'human like' no- view -
Doodle ChallengeV.2 - A nice concept, as Comet said. It made a nice pattern and it was as if a robot was trying to be more human. However, some of the lines didn't join up and it wasn't made as you watched. no- view -
Doodle ChallengeV.1 - Basically random connecting lines drawn accross the screen. Not very 'human like' no- view -
Drawing ProgramA nice smooth entry with little code, prodcing a rather nice effect, though I think what would have improved it and would have been relatively easy to include would be a 'drawing in real time' function. no- view -
Drawing Program...interesting is the best way to describe this. The way that the eyes follow the mouse is good, but the eyes themselves aren't very realistic. no- view -
FizzBuzz no- view -
FizzBuzzEntry #2 no- view -
Golf CourseNice water effect and lake. The flag waving was a nice little touch. The hole was a little dark (I know you were going for the rainy, overcast effect) and some things were a little hard to see. no- view -
Graphics ScreensaverAs latch said "very boring". no- view -
Graphics ScreensaverNice and slow and colourful. Reminds me of the first program I ever made... no- view -
Graphics ScreensaverCool orbiting words. Very simple but I could stare at that one for hours. Not too flashy but effective. no- view -
Graphics ScreensaverNeat mirror effect with the cube plus split screen and he made chessboard texture. High fps too. I think the split screen took something away from it. Mabye you should have changed the backdrop because seeing the black didn't really help no- view -
Grid ChallengeMatrix Waypoint Creator - Very clever use of the grid and teaches newcomers a good deal about waypoints too. no- view -
Grid Challengetic tac toe no- view -
Hangmanwinner by default yes- view -
Hi-Score Cool and creative way to show the highscores. The cylinder rolling over the bumps was really cool, but sometimes the names would get cut off the screen, and additionally you could never see all the highscores at once. yes- view -
Matrix RandomizationA nice little matrix randomizer that could replace the standard 'randomize matrix' function. However, it didn't randomize the matrix in a very natural way. And the camera was a bit slow too. no- view -
Maze 2 no- view -
Mouse Info yes- view -
Name Sort yes- view -
Opaque ShapeThe circle and ellipse were drawn using the sneaky method of drawing a second circle one pixel away to cover up the gaps. The triangle worked fine but seemed a bit ridged, I would have liked to have seen different lengths of sides no- view -
Social AIA very well rounded program. I enjoyed watching blue walk calmly while red raced around him. Nice animations too. no- view -
Text EditorNeat blinking cursor. Fast. But couldn't delete the previous letter if backspace was pressed or move around the text with the arrow keys. Couldn't repeat a key if it was held down and there was no word wrap. I'm sure it would have been a better program if he had had more time. no- view -
UnderwaterThe fish mesh entry was spectacular - the mesh construction was impressive and the textures were awesome! yes- view -
Vehicle Physics yes- view -
Widget CollectionVery cool toolbar that could manipulated very easily. I was also clear how many different ways you could change it. A nice demonstration of how sine and cosine work, it was so smooth, I could watch it for hours! It was very interesting watching the light demo, I had never looked at lights before. A very fast and interesting fill effect, although it didn't really fill it, but produced and effect similar to the inside of a tree . It was also very nice to watch the cloth matrix demo, and the clock with the reflection was nice effect. The toolbar was very good and the demos were great, however, it wasn't very interactive.  no- view -
Word CounterThis entry allowed you to enter the path and filename of the text file to check. The correct number of words was returned, but the screen flashed when run. no- view -