Participant:  NanoGamez guy
# Entries:  24
# Victories:  9

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D Mouse Draw no- view -
3D Text no- view -
Bouncing Ball yes- view -
Buoyancy/Fluid DynamicsStick man floats in water, add weights to different joints to watch its effects on him. yes- view -
Calculator no- view -
Chase and Evade AIVery inventive idea. I liked the way that it always caught it in the maze, and all of the debug tools there were (though it wasn't part of the challenge, it was interesting to see the different paths). yes- view -
Flinging Physics Game no- view -
Furious File ScanningInterface: 4/5
Special Effects: 4/5
Bonus: 5/5
Clock: 1 
yes- view -
Hi-Score Cool way of showing highscores in the Third Dimension. You could even move around with the camera! The only problem was that the text was hard to read. (it looked as if the text was cut off in the darkness.) no- view -
Maze 2 yes- view -
Opaque ShapeSomething went wrong here, a couple of dots were outside the square and the square had gaps. no- view -
Physics SystemAnd the explosion was pretty clever too, I think. It reminds me of an entry I made for the DBpro cahllenge with an exploding box. no- view -
Physics SystemYour shattering glass looked very cool. I did it over and over again because it looked so cool. Maybe an optional slowmo effect would have been cool. no- view -
Procedural DungeonWins by default, no other entries yes- view -
Scrolling MatrixThe tunnel was a pretty cool screen saver. Nice! Very, Very clever use of the matrix for the triblox - frozen bubble type game. yes- view -
Target Hitting no- view -
Target Shooting shot at a target, and got points based on how close to the bullseye you got. The target moved faster and got smaller as you progressed - also there were 3 different movement types, which added variation yes- view -
Texture Generationnice hedge texture, appears to tile seamlessly. The bark texture is a little dark making it hard to see detail no- view -
Texture Generationcool snowflake, nice presentation no- view -
Texture Generationground snow texture no- view -
Texture Generationwoven cloth texture no- view -
Texture Generationcolorful, but very odd texture no- view -
Word CounterV.1 Wouldn't run - path does not exist at line 153 no- view -
Word CounterUser selectable text file, but wasn't sure what to put when it just said 'Directory>', but I just typed the filename in and away it went. Correct number of words returned. Nice touch was the max, min and average word sizes. yes- view -