Participant:  Phaelax
# Entries:  45
# Victories:  6

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D Mouse Draw no- view -
ClockDrop Clock no- view -
Furious File ScanningInterface: 5/5
Special Effects: 4/5
Bonus: 1/5
Clock: 0 
no- view -
Graphics ScreensaverStarfield method 1 no- view -
Graphics ScreensaverStars again. Faster, but still not that realistic travel no- view -
Graphics ScreensaverVery clever fern growth. Each time it made a different plant. When you pressed space is sped up the growth but missed out on the detailed bits. no- view -
Graphics ScreensaverNice bouncing and rotating boxes with trails. Very pleasing to the eye and very fast and smooth. Could have changed the colour of the backdrop though yes- view -
Name SortBubble sort, because it's probably the only sort that's quicker to write than to run. no- view -
Name SortEntry #2, quick sort. Program will either fail to compile or crash. Bug was tracked down to DBC not being able to use <= (less than or equal to) operator on strings. no- view -
No loopsEntry #1 no- view -
No loopsEntry #2 no- view -
Platform EditorLooked like it was well thought out, however it didn't have any character controls.  no- view -
Procedural DungeonA screenshot was posted as a work-in-progress, however, a PC crash destroyed the code and an entry was not submitted. no- view -
Roman to Arabic Lot's of different methods. You've included both conversion types. A little bit of brute force in version 2! A very interesting use of strings. Nice variations on a common theme. yes- view -
Roman to ArabicVersion 2, arabic to roman. no- view -
Scrolling WindowClean looking windowed viewer and extra features (mouse wheel) and plus for easy implementation. yes- view -
Target Hitting yes- view -
Target ShootingShoot the stickman 3 different ways: head shot, body shot, nut shot. Any dishonorable shooters hitting the nuts will be penalized ofcourse! no- view -
Text EditorGave x and y coordinates of the cursor. Ability to move around the text using arrow keys. Couldn't repeat a key if it was held down and no word wrap. no- view -
Widget CollectionNot really an entry for this challenge because it was only a clock, still, nice graphical effect.  no- view -
Word CounterVersion 1b no- view -
Word CounterVersion 2.incomplete no- view -

Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D PrimitivesEntry 2 no- view -
2D PrimitivesEntry 1 no- view -
Breakout Game no- view -
Code Indenter no- view -
Command Parser no- view -
Image Memblock yes- view -
Image Memblock no- view -
Island Terrain no- view -
Logo no- view -
Math Challenge no- view -
Number Analysis no- view -
Paint Program no- view -
Pinball no- view -
Random Name Generator no- view -
Reaction ChallengeCool shooting stress reliever, I like how it shows the statistics of how fast you are at shooting the guy. no- view -
RPG no- view -
Shooter Game no- view -
Side Scrolling Game no- view -
Space Invaders no- view -
Spring PhysicsMore of an example of spring physics to help others get started than an entry no- view -
Terrain Editor no- view -
Text Editor yes- view -
Weather Effect no- view -