Participant:  Ric
# Entries:  54
# Victories:  15

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D Collision GameGood code to detect colliding lines. Not really a game. no- view -
2D Physics yes- view -
2D Primitives yes- view -
3D Fire yes- view -
AI Routine no- view -
ASCII Frogger no- view -
ASCII GameA very nice complete game game made of letters complete with a blurring effect. I'm assuming it had cool sound effects too, but i couldnt get them to work because my computer seems to hate the "make sound from memblock" command.  no- view -
Billiards Collision no- view -
Breakout Game no- view -
Chat Bot yes- view -
Christmas Challenge no- view -
Christmas Screensaver no- view -
Clock no- view -
Code Indenter yes- view -
Command Parser no- view -
Cursor Effectentry 1 - nice magnifying glass, smooth edges on the zoomed objects. no- view -
Cursor Effectentry 2 - interesting, but is it suppose to leave a grey smudge on the screen? no- view -
Ecosystem SimulationA flocking sim set in a glass aquarium, showing the groups of fish dart around, disperse, and form new ones. Really realistic fish movements, and definitely interesting to watch. no- view -
Executive ToyNewton's Cradle no- view -
Fireworks Display yes- view -
Fireworks DisplayEntry 2 no- view -
FPS Target Practice no- view -
Island Terrain no- view -
Lunar Lander yes- view -
Medialess Trees no- view -
Object Morphing no- view -
ODE Bounce Ball yes- view -
Peripheral Vision yes- view -
Primitive Design no- view -
Racing Game no- view -
Random Maze Generatorentry 1 no- view -
Random Maze Generatorentry 2 no- view -
Random Name Generator no- view -
Robotic Limbs no- view -
Rolling BallMarble puzzle game. Involved tilting the game board to roll a marble round a thin track. Extremely difficult. yes- view -
RPG no- view -
Shooter Game no- view -
Side Scrolling Game yes- view -
Space Race no- view -
Space SimulationFun fighting. it would be a good idea to have ships that are attacking you to be red on the radar, otherwise you dont know which ship to turn towards. ship to ship and ship to star collision also would be nice. the background for this is good (great looking star, and the 'stars' flying by showing velocity was a nice touch) no- view -
Space Tech Demo no- view -
Special Gameplay yes- view -
Spring PhysicsCloth physics no- view -
StarWars Deathstar Trench no- view -
Stiks n Fiziks yes- view -
Strategy Game no- view -
Terrain Editor no- view -
Tic Tac Toe no- view -
Top-down Racer no- view -
Touch Typing Game yes- view -
Transition Effect no- view -
Vehicle Physics Simulation yes- view -
Weather EffectEntry 2 no- view -
Weather EffectEntry 1 no- view -