Participant:  RiiDii
# Entries:  43
# Victories:  5

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
AI Routine no- view -
Billiards Collision no- view -
Breakout Game no- view -
Casino no- view -
Clock no- view -
Code Indenter no- view -
Command Parser no- view -
Cursor Effectentry 1 - haha, and that's about it no- view -
Cursor Effectentry 2 - interesting! the window left graphical glitches on my screen no- view -
Cursor Effectentry 3 - nice zoom + grainy edges no- view -
Fireworks DisplayEntry 1 no- view -
Flight SimulationA more traditional flight sim, in 3d from a cockpit view. Was the most realistic entry, due in part to the huge landscape which made use of the advanced terrain commands, and some physics which meant, unlike the other entries, you actually needed to gain some speed before taking off. The controls seemed a bit slow - but I guess you were going for more of a 747 than F18 feel! Would have been good to have a runway and the possibility to crash if you missed it or hit it too heavily. Also had some cockpit instruments. no- view -
FPS Target Practice no- view -
Infinite 3D Terrain no- view -
Island Terrain no- view -
Lunar Lander no- view -
Medialess Trees no- view -
Medialess TreesEntry 2 no- view -
Pacman yes- view -
Peripheral Vision no- view -
Pinball no- view -
Primitive Design no- view -
Racing Game no- view -
Random Name Generator no- view -
Robotic LimbsEntry 1 no- view -
Robotic Limbs yes- view -
RPG no- view -
Shooter Game no- view -
Side Scrolling Game no- view -
Space Race no- view -
Special Gameplay no- view -
Spring PhysicsEntry 1 no- view -
Spring PhysicsEntry 3 yes- view -
Spring PhysicsEntry 2 no- view -
StarWars Deathstar Trench no- view -
Strategy GameEntry 2 no- view -
Strategy GameEntry 3 no- view -
Strategy GameEntry 1 no- view -
Touch Typing Game no- view -
Transition Effect no- view -
Vehicle Physics Simulation no- view -
Virtual Pet yes- view -
Weather Effect yes- view -