Participant:  Sinani201
# Entries:  5
# Victories:  0

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Challenge Comment Winner Code
Brain ChallengeA very good concept that was challenging but fun. I like because it makes you think of multiple things at once in a very clever way. Given a bit of time, that could develope into a very nice little game. Of course, the graphics did let you down no- view -
Opaque ShapeNot solid. no- view -
Racing GameDifferent game idea, very imginative. Could have added a phew other things to make it interesting no- view -
Roman to Arabic Nice and detailed. You have both conversion types. I like the walking through of the computer's calculation process. The program works well and I like that at any given time you can enter either type of value. It's too bad there is a limit of 3999 for an entry though. no- view -
Underwaterbrilliant (in spite of the invincible enemies), with a great sand texture. no- view -