Participant:  TDK
# Entries:  26
# Victories:  9

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D Mouse Draw yes- view -
3D TextHard version no- view -
3D TextEasy way v.2 no- view -
3D TextEasy way v.1 no- view -
Brain ChallengeA cool idea combining maths with a bit of action! The animations were a nice touch and the menu made it feel more like a full game. I thought it looked a bit cheesy, but thats just my opinion! yes- view -
Continuous side scrollerUses gets the image tiles needed and prepares them in an image which is then pasted on screen as your scroll no- view -
FizzBuzz yes- view -
Golf CourseExcellent undulations (the fairway and the green)! Lighting and shading is superb. Mouse movement is a little tricky at first and very slow (I know it was your intent so you could see the beauty of it all). The code indicates that there was water, but I did not see any when I ran it. yes- view -
Graphics ScreensaverHas created textures from simple 2D comands. Psychodelic rotating cube plus rotating cylinder of differant coloured particles coming towards you. Quite slow though. no- view -
Item Chasing Gamemissile command no- view -
Maze 2 no- view -
Racing Game[not judged] Made smooth matrix and textures plus sky box, created a track, Nice AI with very smooth waypoint system. But you could see the edge of the skybox and sometimes the AI cars no- view -
RPG Game Menu1st entry no- view -
RPG Game Menu2nd entry yes- view -
RPG Game Menu3rd entry no- view -
Text EditorNice layout in a window. Could repeat a key if it was held down, ability to clear save and load. Could move around the text with arrow keys and delete the previous letter if backspace was pressed. It also had a word wrap. A few keys such as delete and tab didn't work. yes- view -
Texture Generation16 quality textures, from bricks to wire mesh, well worth a look from anyone no- view -
Underwaterspectacular, with phenomenal game physics and Fantastic bubble streams!  no- view -
Wacky Alarm Clock+Awesome alarm effect... the best one I've seen... looked so cool with all the cogs +Looked good in 3D -Quite slow and jerky -Seemed to have a little difficulty accepting input - I had to press the keys several times to get them to work -Several hours after the deadline yes- view -
WeatherVolumetric Particle - This looked like it would've been truly exceptional if you had finished it to your desired level. The transitions were really quite interesting. I was most impressed with the snow, though it only snowed in one area in front of the camera that I could never seem to reach. The program though, crawled along at between 10 and 15 fps. Great job over all! no- view -

Challenge Comment Winner Code
ASCII Frogger no- view -
Christmas Screensaver no- view -
Clock no- view -
Infinite 3D Terrain yes- view -
Primitive Design yes- view -
Racing Game no- view -