Participant:  TheComet
# Entries:  5
# Victories:  4

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
Balancing SkillsGame was very hard. Winner by default! yes- view -
Doodle ChallengeA very 'human like' doodle. Those curves worked excellently in creating a realistic scribble. One thing that could have been improved is the fact that the doodle wasn't made as you watched. yes- view -
Gambling Game no- view -
Physics SystemVery clever. I didn't expect something like a trampoline effect. Plus I just like watching those guys falling. yes- view -
Platform EditorQuite impressive entry, although using a file to control the physics lost a point. I also couldn't move the character, or the goal. The jumping and falling weren't very realilistic. yes- view -