Participant:  demons breath
# Entries:  7
# Victories:  1

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D Paint ProgramLot's of good ideas, nice and clean interface, easy to use. Had several tools. Met all of the basic criteria except for saving/loading , non breaking drawing line and your first version could clear the screen - but your last version wouldn't yes- view -
Boat Physics no- view -
Christmas Challenge no- view -
Drawing ProgramA clean image produced, and a nice clean step through, but it's a little... uninteresting. A nice entry overall though. no- view -
FizzBuzz no- view -
Roman to ArabicNot bad. The arabic to roman works, but for values >1999, you have to enter the value twice. The roman to arabic doesn't quite work right. Try entering MCMXCVIII and see what happens. no- view -
RPG Game MenuI really like the way you displayed submenus, but perhaps a way to know which option is being selected such as a highlight? no- view -