Participant:  gadgetfreak 66
# Entries:  8
# Victories:  4

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D Collision Gameaddition to Ric's code for detecting line intersections no- view -
ASCII GameA very unique idea, that matrix-style shoot-em-up screen was awesome.  yes- view -
Random Maze Generator yes- view -
Retro Reinvention3d tetris Again, nice twist on the original. Quite complicated though, to see exactly where the gaps were, so I didn't score very highly (actually, at all!). SOme way to go to refine it, but a great start. no- view -
Space Simulationthis has the potential to be an awsome game. it feels professional, with a good looking backround. adding stuff to the level like planets, black holes, etc, and using good models and adding some combat, and it could easily be one of the top DBP games yes- view -
Traffic Simulationthis was definitely the coolest entry and really impressed me i loved the way you could build the roads, the fact that it can work with virtually any map you make, and is not restricted to a grid system is just great! this could easily be turned into a great GTA or SimCity style game! well done! yes- view -
Transition Effectentry 1 no- view -
Transition Effectentry 2 no- view -