Projects in Development


Tiny computer case design

A new design in desktop computers. Big power with a tiny footprint in a beautifully crafted case designed for the thin mini-itx form factor.

Games in Development

Zelda Clone

Legend of Zelda NES clone

My attempt at creating a clone of the original NES game. Two versions are being developed in parallel; DX and OGL. The Overworld and core structure is nearly complete, but no dungeons as of yet.

Space Invaders

Simple remake of a classic arcade game

Not much to really say, it's Space Invaders! A game I'm sure everyone has played at some point in their life.

Software in Development

CuBase Media

DVD Library Management

Do you have an extensive movie collection? Can't remember what you've lent out? Well, if you have a CueCat then you can use this program to quickly input all your movies into a simple database for keeping track of your media. Scan the barcode on the back of your DVD or VHS and the program will auto-retrieve common information about the movie such as title, director, actors, and others. Using Amazon's web service (AWS) library, you can be sure that whatever odd movies you may have in your collection CueBase will be sure to find it.

Echo Media Player

Alternative to iTunes

This project originally started because iTunes was only available for Mac OS when it was first released. Shortly after a Windows version of iTunes was released, this project took a long vacation (a few years). This project is now back in development and gradually falling away as a mere "clone". In its current stage of development it is completely functional and I use it every day to listen to both Internet radio and my own private MP3 collection.

Jamocha IDE

Java Editor

Originally, this was a simple Java IDE I wrote to help me do my own Java homework. It started out as nothing more than a Notepad-like text editor with a syntax highlighter and compiling features. It got the job done and I finished the last half of my semester using only my own IDE. Recently, I decided to further develop the IDE into a more robust program.


IM Chat Client (Discontinued)

Sciurus is a chat client written in Java based on an open-source library called JOSTL (Java Open-Source TOC Library). The library as well is being developed by us alongside with this client. Though the program is still in early development, it does have full chatting capability.