Building a tilemap - part 1 [AGK]

Creating a simple tilemap

Building a tilemap - part 2 [AGK]

Increasing efficiency for larger maps and handling character movement and collision

Breakout - Improved Collision Detection [AGK]

Tutorial on creating a breakout game using swept collision.

Minesweeper [AGK]

Tutorial on how to create minesweeper.

Sprite UV [AGK]

An brief explanation about UV coordinates and how they can be used in AGK to manipulate sprite textures.

Binary Tutorial

An introduction to binary and what it is. Learn about what all those 1's and 0's mean and how they make up other data types. Consider this a primer for the bitwise tutorial.

Bitwise Operations

Ever heard of bit shifting? It's something every programmer should make themself aware of as bitwise operations are very useful for a variety of reasons. Network programming, data encryption and compression, or just general code optimizations, bit shifting is part of it all.

Creating a seamless texture

A tutorial on how to create a seamless tileable rock texture using Photoshop.