Challenge:  Matrix Randomization
Judge:  NanoGamez guy
Start:  June 25th, 2008
End:  June 2nd, 2008
Details: The challenge is to make a function that will randomize a matrix. You could make a function that will generate random noise and turn it into a mtrix, but more 'marks' will be awarded for a more complex matrix generator, for example, you could use interpolation or perlin noise. 

Author Comment Code
sinisterstufI had to slightly modify this entry to work with darkbasic classic (just delete the 'AS FLOAT's and 'AS INTEGAR's from the arrays), but after that it was a great interactive matrix editor, where you could create, load or save matrixes. It featured a nice smoothing algroithm too. However, I think the focus was a bit more on creating a great looking and interactive program than on creating an innovative matrix randomization.- view -
LatchA nice little matrix randomizer that could replace the standard 'randomize matrix' function. However, it didn't randomize the matrix in a very natural way. And the camera was a bit slow too.- view -