Challenge:  Retro Reinvention
Judge:  Ric
Start:  February 5th, 2007
End:  February 19th, 2007
Details: Create a game based on a retro classic but with an added twist. 

Author Comment Code
Nicholas ThompsonGood twist on pong - simple, yet fun. Working physics - just needs AI to make it a completely addictive game!- view -
SpopovichRiver Raid- view -
gadgetfreak 663d tetris Again, nice twist on the original. Quite complicated though, to see exactly where the gaps were, so I didn't score very highly (actually, at all!). SOme way to go to refine it, but a great start.- view -
Brain111snipe invaders Good twist on an original theme - hard enough to make you want to try again. Great graphics considering no media, including explosions, fog effect, animations - and it was quite scary when they shot at you in 3d!- view -
acelepageStar Castle I really liked the feel to this - it just took me back somehow. Sound effects were great, and although it was quite hard, I enjoyed playing it.- view -
Hobgoblin LordTempest I think you'll agree, some way to go before it is a complete game, but I could see the potential- view -