Participant:  Ashingda 27
# Entries:  12
# Victories:  1

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
Balancing Skills no- view -
Continuous side scrollerChallenge setter, so entry cannot count. no- view -
Falling objects reactionVery nice 2d sphere dropping demo. A series of spheres pouring out of different tubes. Some spheres jumped, others moved from side to side, some destroyed others. This was well done and looked very nice. no- view -
FizzBuzz no- view -
Menu MakerFirst to enter, it started the competition going. Got the concept completely, saving worked wonderfully. An option to snap buttons into place would have been nice. Great text input function too! no- view -
Name Sort no- view -
No loopsEntry #1 no- view -
No loopsEntry #2 no- view -
No loopsEntry #3 yes- view -
Opaque ShapeWell for a start it sounds like some sort of ancient Japanese secret society . The program ran well but larger circles had gaps. What was the "/abs(2)" for? I couldn't work out why abs would make the circle solid but it did! no- view -
Target Hitting no- view -
Widget CollectionReally cool fake OS, reminds me of windows 98. It looked like a really good start to an entry, shame nothing worked! no- view -