Participant:  OBese87
# Entries:  28
# Victories:  3

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D Paint ProgramColor Picker no- view -
2D Paint ProgramMirror Draw no- view -
Christmas Challenge no- view -
Create a Characterhonorable mention: generously provided very useful code snippits and functions, and is always ready to help out others with their code! no- view -
Drawing Programthe clever coding just tipped it for me yes- view -
Drawing ProgramClever coding going on there, could do with being a bit smoother though no- view -
Drawing ProgramUmm... nice use of maths but... it's just a circle! no- view -
FizzBuzz no- view -
Forum SignatureA great animated texture using the classic 'courier new' font in nice colours in the background. Although this might become quite annoying if it were used as a forum sig! no- view -
Forum SignatureA really cool use of sine waves to create a purple fog like background for the text. This looks awesome when touched up a tiny bit in photoshop. yes- view -
Grid Challenge no- view -
Hi-Score Cool champion cup and fading background, but it didn't fill up the screen. (Wait... how do you fill up the sceren? Random stuff...) There's nothing else to really say about it... (it also lacked realistic names and scores for the players... but that doesn't really count.) no- view -
Item Chasing GameJack and the Beanstalk - I like the clouds and the game did have challenge to it. I beat the game, but the beanstalk had not grown all the way to the top of the screen. I did not see any info in the HUD. It was good to know when the water bucket was full so you could water the beanstalk. Something showing progress would have been nice. Nice splashing effect of the raindrops. Nice game. no- view -
Item Chasing Game2D Cube Catcher - I needed some rules and game info here. What was I supposed to do? The name implies that you move the box to the falling cube, but I did this and the cube did not disappear and I did not understand how the points were added/subtracted. no- view -
Mouse Info no- view -
No loopsEntry #1 no- view -
No loopsEntry #2 no- view -
No loopsEntry #3 no- view -
Object Selection ChallengeNice pizzabox texture, but I can't select them  no- view -
Roman to ArabicWell displayed, a nice feature with the up down key to increase or decrease the values. Very nice, but I would have liked to see a roman to arabic conversion as well. no- view -
RPG Game Menu1st entry no- view -
RPG Game Menu2nd entry no- view -
Something is Following YouOB Sports - object and 5 enemy objects included. The enemy objects ran away from the main object but never followed it. They only grouped towards the center. Lays a good foundation for a game where you might want to try and keep something out of a specific area by pushing it away and managing multiple objects. no- view -
Wacky Alarm Clock+Really cool way of setting the alarm +Looked good - Basic & Easy to use -As it was in 24 hour, setting the alarm for 11:50 AM would take a long time as you'd have to go all the way round the circle - possibly 12 hour would have been better -The alarm itself could have looked better -Not hugely wacky, to be honest no- view -
Wacky Alarm Clock+ Looked really good - totally unique time display - Harder to read the time - No alarm function no- view -
WeatherFoggy Mountain Top - Very nice fog effect. Very simple and straight forward code. I would've liked to see some interesting lighting effects to change the mood and perhaps the time. Also, a rising or falling fog would've been nice. yes- view -
What can you do with a spiral?ed the fossil effect and the other weird effect. I could just stare at that for hours. no- view -
What can you do with a spiral?loved the fossil effect and the other weird effect. I could just stare at that for hours. no- view -