CuBase Media

What is CuBase Media?

A DVD library management system developed in Java to help users keep track of their extensive movie library. Though not required to use the software, a cuecat barcode scanner was supported as an alternative to typing in the UPC codes of every movie manually. While possible to purchase a cuecat today that has been altered to read scan the codes in plain text, originally the results would have been encrypted. This software will decrypt the code automatically when detected so either cuecat may be used.

The software works simply by a user scanning the barcode on the back of a DVD or VHS (or entering it manually into the field) and will then retrieve information about the movie from Amazon using Amazon's Web Service (AWS) library. A database of the movies is stored locally in a flat file and contains information such as a movie's title, director, actors, producer, and year of release.

The core of the software was complete, leaving just the GUI to be finished. However, due to a hardware failure, the original source was lost. In 2012, I began rewriting it with Amazon's newer web services. The details about the licensing on their web services currently prevent me from releasing it in its current form. I have considered alternative sources of retrieving the movie data, UPC Database being one such source. Their database is not as extensive or complete as Amazon's, but would be free.


A design sketch for the original version.