Challenge:  Continuous side scroller
Judge:  Ashingda 27
Start:  November 9th, 2009
End:  November 16th, 2009
Details: Create a continuous side scrolling tile-based program that will generate random tiles to be displayed as it scrolls across the screen. Fastest frame rate wins.

- Full screen 800x600 (16 or 32 bit)
- 3 different 16x16 tiles
- Tiles must fill entire screen
- Scroll right to left, 1px movement speed
- Must display frame rates 

Author Comment Code
LatchRun with blitflipmode flag in setup.ini switched to 0 and runs at 115fps. Running with blitflipmode set to 1 and 730fps.- view -
Ashingda 27Challenge setter, so entry cannot count.- view -
TDKUses gets the image tiles needed and prepares them in an image which is then pasted on screen as your scroll- view -