Challenge:  Drawing Program
Judge:  Insert Name Here
Start:  October 23rd, 2007
End:  November 3rd, 2007
Details: Program which draws a realistic image without any user interaction 

Author Comment Code
OBese87the clever coding just tipped it for me- view -
LatchA nice smooth entry with little code, prodcing a rather nice effect, though I think what would have improved it and would have been relatively easy to include would be a 'drawing in real time' function.- view -
Latch...interesting is the best way to describe this. The way that the eyes follow the mouse is good, but the eyes themselves aren't very realistic.- view -
Link102This was a really nice effect. Would work really well as a screensaver. Pretty! Nice use of colours as well.- view -
OBese87Clever coding going on there, could do with being a bit smoother though- view -
OBese87Umm... nice use of maths but... it's just a circle!- view -
demons breathA clean image produced, and a nice clean step through, but it's a little... uninteresting. A nice entry overall though.- view -
Link102A pretty good effect, looking very realistic too. Froze up my DarkBasic though - view -