Challenge:  Ecosystem Simulation
Judge:  gadgetfreak 66
Start:  July 12th, 2007
End:  July 27th, 2007

Author Comment Code
RicA flocking sim set in a glass aquarium, showing the groups of fish dart around, disperse, and form new ones. Really realistic fish movements, and definitely interesting to watch.- view -
qweA 3D sim set around a group of islands in the ocean. This entry had a lot of different types of animals, (flying, walking, floating, swimming, etc), and concentrated on showing an obvius food chain.- view -
acelepageSmall sim that shows a group of animals running away from some people. It's a shame you didn't have time to do more on it, as it looked like it would have progressed really well.- view -
Foe7Though not overly detailed or graphic, this entry directly connected with the subject of the challenge, and easily showed relationship between the populations- view -
Daemon2D land map with some water, and small colored squares for the different species. A great entry, there was something different to watch every time you ran it. - view -
Code DragonNot sure if this was an entry or not, but it was showing a natural relationship, so I've included it. One of the more interesting grav sims I've seen on this thread, the clump of planets zooming around each other was fun to watch.- view -