Challenge:  Racing Game
Judge:  NanoGamez guy
Start:  May 24th, 2007
End:  June 7th, 2007

Author Comment Code
Sinani201Different game idea, very imginative. Could have added a phew other things to make it interesting- view -
TDK[not judged] Made smooth matrix and textures plus sky box, created a track, Nice AI with very smooth waypoint system. But you could see the edge of the skybox and sometimes the AI cars- view -
LBFNGreat intro screen, map movement, good use of 2D commands to creat a 2D landscape, neat car and speed controled. Though the steering was very 'blocklike' and I found that you could go through walls so I got to the top of the leaderboard with 36 seconds!- view -
Link102Smooth controls, nice turning map, awsome AI and shows you position. Could have textured the objects and matrix and coloured the backdrop.- view -
NinJA999Smooth controls, ability to change colour, nice textured objects and realistic car turning. Slow refresh rate which made the text flash.- view -