Challenge:  Scrolling Matrix
Judge:  Latch
Start:  June 14th, 2008
End:  June 22nd, 2008
Details: The object of this challenge is to do something with an endless scrolling/scrollable matrix. 

Author Comment Code
NanoGamez guyThe tunnel was a pretty cool screen saver. Nice! Very, Very clever use of the matrix for the triblox - frozen bubble type game.- view -
BN2 ProductionsGood endless matrix with a nice vehicle on terrain pivoting method. It would be really cool to catch air when going fast over a hill or bump!- view -
LBFNNothing like blasting ships! I really like the explosion effect and I found the game rather challenging.- view -
IrojoNot really what the challenge was about. Looks like a variation of your radar code. Not bad.- view -