Challenge:  2D Collision Game
Judge:  Daemon
Start:  May 26th, 2007
End:  June 9th, 2007

Author Comment Code
ThinkDigitalAnother good line rider game. Yours was easy to use, but I have the following two bugs. 1. When the ball is sliding across a line if I draw a line under it, the ball will fall though its current line onto the new one. 2. If I draw a line above the ball it will not go below the screen until it slides across the bottom to somewhere without a line above.- view -
PharoseerWell written code. But, ummm...what is it? I think its quite unfinished, but those enemies do look interesting (and complex for no media).- view -
enderleitYou're about half way to a full astroids game. It's a pity you never put any kind of collision detection in it.- view -
DiggseyEspecially good for an early entry. The different modes made it interesting. I liked being able to move the screen with the right mouse click.- view -
RicGood code to detect colliding lines. Not really a game.- view -
gadgetfreak 66addition to Ric's code for detecting line intersections- view -