Challenge:  Golf Course
Judge:  LBFN
Start:  June 10th, 2007
End:  June 19th, 2007

Author Comment Code
Insert Name HereUsing objects almost entirely was a neat idea. However, you could watch as the objects formed; it would have been a good idea to show them all at one time. It was a little hard to discern where hole #2 ended and #3 began.- view -
LatchNice water effect and lake. The flag waving was a nice little touch. The hole was a little dark (I know you were going for the rainy, overcast effect) and some things were a little hard to see.- view -
LBFN[judge] entry doesn't count- view -
TDKExcellent undulations (the fairway and the green)! Lighting and shading is superb. Mouse movement is a little tricky at first and very slow (I know it was your intent so you could see the beauty of it all). The code indicates that there was water, but I did not see any when I ran it.- view -