Challenge:  Widget Collection
Judge:  NanoGamez guy
Start:  November 4th, 2008
End:  November 14th, 2008

Author Comment Code
LatchVery cool toolbar that could manipulated very easily. I was also clear how many different ways you could change it. A nice demonstration of how sine and cosine work, it was so smooth, I could watch it for hours! It was very interesting watching the light demo, I had never looked at lights before. A very fast and interesting fill effect, although it didn't really fill it, but produced and effect similar to the inside of a tree . It was also very nice to watch the cloth matrix demo, and the clock with the reflection was nice effect. The toolbar was very good and the demos were great, however, it wasn't very interactive. - view -
IrojoVery nice animations and use of graphical commands. I really liked the ninja game because it was challenging but fun, and also quite addictive. Although the jumping wasn't quite right, sometimes you could do triple and even quadruple jumps, and other times you could only do single jumps. The drawing program was quite hard to use with the user having to remember all the keys to press. However, once you got going, there was quite a lot you could do, such as 2D and 3D drawing, and a random art splatter effect. The tools menu had only one working button, and that was the binary translator. It was fun seeing what you name was in binary, and it also automatically copied it to the clipboard, although it didn't tell you that it was doing that. You could also switch between fullscreen and windowed mode. - view -
steve paul thomasVery tidy looking interface with nice little fish game going on in the main part of the screen. This was mainly something nice to look at and not particularly interactive (apart from the occasional fish feeding). Although it was quite it was quite nice to watch . Perhaps you could restrict the feeding so that it could only be dropped at the top of the tank?- view -
Ashingda 27Really cool fake OS, reminds me of windows 98. It looked like a really good start to an entry, shame nothing worked!- view -
PhaelaxNot really an entry for this challenge because it was only a clock, still, nice graphical effect. - view -