Challenge:  Hi-Score
Judge:  TDK
Start:  May 28th, 2008
End:  June 5th, 2008
Details: Create a flashy hi-score screen. Come up with a good looking, novel or unusual screen and you must be able to read the ten names and their associated scores. Sprites, animation, particles, 2D, 3D - whatever your imagination can come up with.  

Author Comment Code
LatchCool and creative way to show the highscores. The cylinder rolling over the bumps was really cool, but sometimes the names would get cut off the screen, and additionally you could never see all the highscores at once.- view -
IrojoIt was, as said, "flashy." The animation at the beginning where the top 3 (or is it the top 2?) are shown. The only problem was that when all highscores were shown, they were crammed and hard to read.- view -
NanoGamez guyCool way of showing highscores in the Third Dimension. You could even move around with the camera! The only problem was that the text was hard to read. (it looked as if the text was cut off in the darkness.)- view -
Insert Name Here Cool 'revealer' effect. However, besides that, it was kind of boring because you used plain text (and it didn't fill up the whole screen).- view -
OBese87Cool champion cup and fading background, but it didn't fill up the screen. (Wait... how do you fill up the sceren? Random stuff...) There's nothing else to really say about it... (it also lacked realistic names and scores for the players... but that doesn't really count.)- view -