Challenge:  Opaque Shape
Judge:  OBese87
Start:  September 23rd, 2008
End:  September 29th, 2008

Author Comment Code
LatchThe circle and ellipse were drawn using the sneaky method of drawing a second circle one pixel away to cover up the gaps. The triangle worked fine but seemed a bit ridged, I would have liked to have seen different lengths of sides- view -
Ashingda 27Well for a start it sounds like some sort of ancient Japanese secret society . The program ran well but larger circles had gaps. What was the "/abs(2)" for? I couldn't work out why abs would make the circle solid but it did!- view -
IrojoVery cosmic colours going on here, I liked how the triangle changed proportions. - view -
NanoGamez guySomething went wrong here, a couple of dots were outside the square and the square had gaps.- view -
Sinani201Not solid.- view -