Challenge:  Roman to Arabic
Judge:  Latch
Start:  December 28th, 2009
End:  January 4th, 2010
Details: Convert roman numerals to arabic digits and arabic to roman. 

Author Comment Code
Sinani201 Nice and detailed. You have both conversion types. I like the walking through of the computer's calculation process. The program works well and I like that at any given time you can enter either type of value. It's too bad there is a limit of 3999 for an entry though.- view -
OBese87Well displayed, a nice feature with the up down key to increase or decrease the values. Very nice, but I would have liked to see a roman to arabic conversion as well.- view -
demons breathNot bad. The arabic to roman works, but for values >1999, you have to enter the value twice. The roman to arabic doesn't quite work right. Try entering MCMXCVIII and see what happens.- view -
Phaelax Lot's of different methods. You've included both conversion types. A little bit of brute force in version 2! A very interesting use of strings. Nice variations on a common theme.- view -
PhaelaxVersion 2, arabic to roman.- view -